The Ultimate Cat Guide

The Ultimate Cat Guide

Genre: Non-fiction

Part 1 explains the origin of cats, how they became such trusty companions, their anatomy, senses, colourful coats and interesting facts.

Part 2 consists of the welcoming of a new kitten, what she will need and the correct care; how to foster good relationships between kids and other pets; the importance of sterilization and good quality food; how to maintain hygiene with indoor cats; creating a garden for your cat and adequate treatment for senior cats.

Part 3 discusses the most common illnesses and diseases found in cats all over the world. This user-friendly guide, the first of its’ kind with all-encompassing information to ensure adequate understanding of one of the world’s most loved and popular pets, was written to assist in almost every question a cat lover may have. It is a practical guide to be used time after time.

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