Woodland Quartet

Woodland Quartet

Four horse-loving children grow up with Woodland Farm being the centre of their young lives because it has a lake in the forest with their tree-house right in the middle.

The mountain-range which borders on it runs all the way to the eastern side of town which is expanding at an alarming rate.
Jacqui-Lee studies to become a somatologist – eventually opening her own salon on Woodland Farm where she has her dream life, living in her house at the bottom-end of the farm and her father in his house at the top-end. He keeps a handful of cows and she looks after their two horses.
When a visitor arrives from New Zealand, bringing her horse to live on Woodland Farm, the next-door neighbour completes the Woodland Quartet which makes an arrest in the forest. Life could never be the same again in the most beautiful valley on earth.

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About the Book
Genre: Roman
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About the Author
Lasja Lessing

Lasja Lessing is a qualified tour guide who can help herself in Swedish, German and French apart from being fully bilingual in English and Afrikaans. Being related to Gotthold Ephrahim Lessing of Kamenz, she is keeping literature in the family - her hobby being travel. For that reason she
includes places she's visited in all her writing.

Lasja has travelled to Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Canada's Toronto, Montreal, Moncton, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia as well as Germany, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the north of Italy. In South Africa she has seen the Okavango Swamps, Mozambique and took many a guided tour to the Kruger National Park - Hazyview having been her base. She now lives on the southernmost coast of Africa on the picturesque Garden Route.

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