Yolanda Wessels

Growing up in Struisbaai, at the southernmost tip of Africa, Yolanda had the sea and her pets for companions. The sea has always been her port to the world; opening up a world of possibilities. Alongside her there was always a pet: a dog or cat – they were her true companions.
Life happens and today she is not only privileged to be a mother to the two most wonderful sons, but she is also blessed with her cats, with whom she shares her journey. A journey which granted her success in publishing: ‘n Handleiding vir verantwoordelike kateienaars in Suid-Afrika (Naledi 2013), as part of the Troukoors team in 2018, Die Klein Swart Boekie – Die A-Z van troues and her first fiction, Smag, (Sarane Publishers 2019).

She delivers freelance articles to many printed and online platforms in South Africa as well as articles about cats and big cat conservation for Cat World in the UK. It comes without saying, next to her when writing, are always her beloved cats. Without her cats by her side, life will be unbearable, hence she wanting to share her love, compassion and knowledge with the public and spread awareness about this amazing, acrobatic species.
May you find the same companionship and unconditional love with your cats.

The Ultimate Cat Guide

The Ultimate Cat Guide

Part 1 explains the origin of cats, how they became such trusty companions, their anatomy, senses, colourful coats and interesting facts.

Part 2 consists of the welcoming of a new kitten, what she will need and the correct care; how to foster good relationships between kids and other pets; the importance of sterilization and good quality food; how to maintain hygiene with indoor cats; creating a garden for your cat and adequate treatment for senior cats.

Part 3 discusses the most common illnesses and diseases found in cats all over the world. This user-friendly guide, the first of its’ kind with all-encompassing information to ensure adequate understanding of one of the world’s most loved and popular pets, was written to assist in almost every question a cat lover may have. It is a practical guide to be used time after time.

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